Might of Coincidence - Spectrum of Life [LP Record]

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: LP Record

: Triston Masters

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This album was cut from the original master tape at Central Dubs in Bern by Adi Flück.Unreleased Analogue Recordings From 1970 and...


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This album was cut from the original master tape at Central Dubs in Bern by Adi Flück.Unreleased Analogue Recordings From 1970 and 1971!

When Might of Coincidence released their first album “Announcing the Birth of” in 1971, general interest was limited. The band therefore broke up again in 1972. Several recorded albums and songs were never released.

History of Might of Coincidence: 

"The beginnings of the Might of Coincidence are obscure. It all started around 1969-70. Ricco Anselmi, singer and guitarist (later famous in Zurich with Trio Grande, Ragazzi and Dschané) and Manfred Eyssel, percussionist, worked in the same company in Zurich. They started playing music together. Freddy Kessler soon joined in with his clarinets. Including the impressive bass clarinet. (made famous by Eric Dolphy).

Somehow they came into contact with Athos Carlo Barata, ACB for short, poet, painter and “future philosopher,” as he called himself. He provided the lyrics to the songs. The group called themselves “Might of Coincidence” for short Might of Coincidence because, according to quantum physics, everything in the world is based on coincidence.

At that time I wasn't there as a bass player yet. Freddy Kessler knew me from Uster, where there was a lively music scene at the time. He asked me if I wanted to take part in the project. I said yes immediately. We rehearsed in Zurich in the basement of the Krokodil restaurant on Langstrasse. Soon we were ready to take our first recordings. The singer Mimina Panata also joined the recordings.

The recordings were first made in the Braun recording studio in Zurich, with engineer Stephan Sulke. Sulke then set up a studio in Biel, where the remaining recordings were made in 1971. ACB acted as producer.

This was made into an LP called “The Birth of Might of Coincidence”. ACB released the LP under a fictitious label called Entropia1), which didn't exist. The name appears on the cover of the LP. The LP is the only trace left of the Might of Coincidence. When Ricco Anselmi left in the spring of 1972, the band was dissolved. Ricco's voice and charisma were simply irreplaceable!

The tapes with the remaining recordings remained missing until Mauro Bozzi resurfaced them. Jürg Schopper then started the project for a new LP Spectrum of Life of Might of Coincidence which is available in April 2024.

Unfortunately, apart from me, the “Last Survivor”, all members of the Might of Coincidence are already in Nirvana, except perhaps Mimina, who I haven’t heard from anymore. Therefore, further information about the band can no longer be found.

1) Excursus: Entropy is a measure of the disorder in a system and the associated possibility of arranging the particles. The smaller the order, the greater the entropy. All systems strive for the greatest possible entropy, i.e. the most even distribution of energy possible.

- Beno Gerber, “The Last Survivor”, bass player. April 20, 2024"


"Through The Might of Сoincidence, I got hold of the master tapes (including rights) that were believed to be lost. Mauro Bozzi from Stigmate Records provided it to me. While listening to this incredible find, I became aware of the outstanding quality of these recordings and knew that I would release them. I started researching but found little relevant information about MOC. The breakthrough only came with contact with the “last survivor” Beno Gerber (bassist). He was able to close the information gaps.

Stephan Sulke, the owner of the Soundcraft Studio in Biel, was known for his excellent recordings and had made a name for himself with his legendary (8-track) Montreux jazz recordings. His recordings back then had that “certain something” like English and American productions. Swiss Bands from the period like “Shiver” and “Pacific Sounds” recorded with Sulke and are now sought-after rarities on the LP collector’s market."- Jürg Schopper

The Spectrum of Live album has exactly this great sound. To preserve the magic of the original recording, Adi Flück (Central Dubs Bern) used the original master tape for the cut. No digital equipment was used in this production. Unreleased recordings from 1970 and 1971. Top quality analogue recording from the original master tape, already enjoyed by audiophiles. 

Album: Might of Coincidence - Spectrum of Life
Label: Triston Masters - TMR-SE 0006
Format:    Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo, Limited Edition
Country: Switzerland
Released: April 2024
Genre:    Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style:    Psych-folk-hippie

Unreleased Analogue Recordings From 1970 and 1971

Recording Engineer: Stephan Sulke
Producer: Jürg Schopper

All analogue recordings. No digital equipment was used. This record was cut using the original master tape. This is a limited audiophile first edition: 500 copies, hand numbered, 180 gram vinyl, gatefold cover.

Triston Masters is powered by SCHOPPER third generation in the analogue domain with a passion for vintage analogue high-fidelity gear and equipment. Triston Masters Recording is a Switzerland label living with analogue music reproduction since 1923 in a professional studio in Switzerland.

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Might of Coincidence - Spectrum of Life [LP Record]

Normaler Preis £64.95