Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley

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: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo Tape

: Hemiolia Records

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Hemiolia is on to something new on reel tape for you: the music is superb, the quality exemplary, and the team behind...


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Hemiolia is on to something new on reel tape for you: the music is superb, the quality exemplary, and the team behind Hemiolia comes with the requisite pedigree.

Cannonball Adderley’s Somethin’ Else, one of the few albums featuring Davis as a sideman, is calm uncluttered and direct, each line and phrase contributing something crucial to the whole. Indeed, Somethin’ Else is a kindred jazz classic, a sibling of sorts to Kind of Blue. Among other sterling attributes, it shares that landmark’s emphasis on stark, easy-to-appreciate melodies.

Listen to Davis play the well-worn standard “Autumn Leaves” that opens the set. He treats the theme the way a painter would, outlining it faintly in some spots and splashing it with bright, audacious colours in others. He darts around, surfing the shadows, and somehow maintains a vital connection with the steady cadences of the tune. Through the choices he makes about notes accents and phrasing, he establishes the size of the canvas and the temperament of the tune. That’s not all: His clear lines create a common understanding that spreads across the bandstand, slyly shaping the entire performance. Adderley begins his solo from deep inside a noodle bowl of notes, and then changes course, carving out ideas that are much more disciplined. Adderley’s huge alto sound is normally full of moxie, exuberance and celebration; there’s some of that here, but along the way, he also follows the hints that Davis left, sketching passages of profound wistfulness and longing.

Every track on Somethin’ Else thrives on a distinct pathway of communication, and as a result has something to teach about the ways a clearly expressed idea, along with what might be called real-time editing, can shape an improvisation. The theme of the title track is an extended call-and-response volley between Davis and Adderley, but as it evolves, the rhythm section participates in the interaction. To hear a master jazz conversationalist at peak, check out the crisp and perfectly placed chords pianist Hank Jones provides for Adderley. And then listen as bassist Sam Jones and drummer Art Blakey seize some of those stone-simple pianistic rejoinders and transform them into fuel for further agitation. It’s the sound of a circuit being created in the moment, sprouting arms and branches and new directions as it travels around the bandstand. What emerges is not just the sound of five players doing their jobs well, but a group reveling in their common ability to galvanize and shape each other’s ideas. They’re able to seize and work with them in part because each is rendered with such respectful clarity. The musicians might not agree on every particular turn, but their interactions are governed by the shared understanding that the thread of a conversation is too precious to allow ordinary jive showboating to muck up the works. Even in the most abstract of arts, clarity matters.

Somethin' Else is a jazz album by alto saxophonist Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, his only album on the Blue Note label, recorded and released in 1958. Also on the session is trumpeter Miles Davis in one of his handful of recording dates for Blue Note. A must-have, absolutely first class, A+++++!

Album: Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley
Label: Hemiolia Records - HRERM23000199E
Format: 2xReel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10.5" NAB Reel, Reissue, Remastered, CCIR OR NAB Eq.
Country: Italy
Released: 2023
Genre: Jazz, Hard bop, Bebop
Style: Bop, Hard Bop


Tape One:
1 - Autumn Leaves - 10’59’’
2 - Love For Sale - 07’05’’
Taspe one time play: 18:04 min

Tape Two:
1 - Somethin' Else - 08’15’’
2 - One For Daddy-O - 08’28’’
3 - Dancing In The Dark - 04’07’’
Tape two time play: 20:50 min

Tape one and two total time play: 38:54 min

Alto Saxophone – Cannonball Adderley
Trumpet – Miles Davis
Bass – Sam Jones
Drums – Art Blakey
Piano – Hank Jones

Recorded March 9, 1958 at Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey, USA
Released: Originally released Blue Note Records © August, 1958
Recording Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Remastered Hemiolia’s Stereo Edition by Pietro Benini (Novembre 2023)

This Reissue Remastered Release Album On Two SM-900 Reel Tapes.

Release date: August 1958 - Cannonball Adderley – Somethin’ Else
℗© 2023 Hemiolia Records – Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley

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Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley

Звичайна ціна $898.41