The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out

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: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo Tape

: Hemiolia Records

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Time Out is a studio album by the American jazz group the Dave Brubeck Quartet, released in 1959 on Columbia Records. Recorded...


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Time Out is a studio album by the American jazz group the Dave Brubeck Quartet, released in 1959 on Columbia Records. Recorded at Columbia's 30th Street Studio in New York City, it is based upon the use of time signatures that were unusual for jazz such as, and. The album is a subtle blend of cool and West Coast jazz.

The album was intended as an experiment using musical styles Brubeck discovered abroad while on a United States Department of State-sponsored tour of Eurasia, such as when he observed in Turkey a group of street musicians performing a traditional Turkish folk song that was played in 9/8 time, a rare meter for Western music.

Hemiolia signed a deal with Ermitage Distribution allowing them to produce 15ips, 2-track, ¼” tape releases of a selection of albums from Ermitage’s jazz back-catalogue.

"Boasting the first jazz instrumental to sell a million copies, the Paul Desmond-penned "Take Five", Time Out captures the celebrated jazz quartet at the height of both its popularity and its powers. Recorded in 1959, the album combines superb performances by pianist Brubeck, alto saxophonist Desmond, drummer Joe Morrello and bassist Gene Wright. Along with "Take Five", the album features another one of the group's signature compositions, "Blue Rondo a la Turk". Though influenced by the West Coast cool school, Brubeck's greatest interest and contribution to jazz was the use of irregular meters in composition, which he did with great flair. Much of the band's appeal is due to Desmond, whose airy tone and fluid attack often carried the band's already strong performances to another level. Together, he and Brubeck proved one of the most potent pairings of the era." - By Fred Goodman

It was June 25, 1959, a magical year in the history of jazz, when shortly after the recording of Kind of Blue by Miles Davis in the same legendary Columbia Studio in New York, the sound engineer Fred Plaut began the first of the three recording sessions of Dave Brubeck's Time Out, with Paul Desmond on saxophone, Joe Morello on drums and Eugene Wright on double bass.

A project that Dave Brubeck's eldest son, Darius, defined as "experimental" and entirely dedicated to the development of a particular musical idea.

In fact, the use of rhythms and metrics which were unusual at the time made it so, furthermore, it contained only original songs written by Brubeck and Desmond instead of the usual standards and equally daring was the choice of an innovative cover image which did not include the usual images of the artists or leaders, but an abstract work by the eminent graphic designer Neil Fujita, also the author of over 50 cover works of other iconic Jazz titles*.

Dave Brubeck was a great experimenter and explorer of polytonality and polyrhythms and Time Out represented the full and mature expression of his genius, but as often happens, innovation encounters obstacles in its path and initially, this ambitious project did not find favour with Marketing executives of the publisher Columbia, who at the time predicted a catastrophic commercial failure.

Luckily the title was published anyway, in 1963 it already boasted 500,000 copies sold and in 2011 it had reached the exceptional goal for a Jazz title of two million copies.

The rest is history and among music lovers, today it is truly difficult to find someone who cannot recognize the first notes of Take Five.

First time on Reel Tape 15 IPS Stereo Edition, Two SM900 RTM Tapes.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out
Label: Hemiolia Records - HRERM23000187E
Series: Ermitage Jazz
Format: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10.5" NAB Reel, CCIR OR NAB Eq.
Country: Italy
Released: 2023
Genre: Jazz
Style: Bop, Hard Bop


Tape One:

1. Blue Rondo à la Turk - 06’45’’
2. Strange Meadow Lark - 07’25’’
3. Take Five - 05’25’’
Total Length: 19:35 min

Tape Two:

1. Three to Get Ready - 05’25’’
2. Kathy's Waltz - 04’53’’
3. Everybody's Jumpin' - 04’26’’
4. Pick Up Sticks - 04’17’
Total Length: 19:01 min

Tape One + Tape Two Total Length Time: 38:36 min

Dave Brubeck: piano
Paul Desmond: alto saxophone
Eugene Wright: bass
Joe Morello: drums

Remastered Hemiolia's Stereo Edition by Pietro Benini - 2023

- Recorded 1959 (May 25, 1959 - July 1, 1959 - August 18, 1959) at Columbia 30th Street Studios di New York, New York City, USA
- Released: December 14, 1959
- Recording Engineer: Fred Plaut
- Remastered Hemiolia’s Stereo Edition by Pietro Benini (October 2023)

The album's original release:
Release date: 14 December 1959
Genres: Cool jazz, West Coast jazz
Label: Columbia Records
Studio: Columbia 30th Street (New York City)
Length: 38:30

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out 2023 Double Tape Stereo Edition

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The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out

Звичайна ціна $899.70