The Most Unique Female Voice: Valerie Joyce
New York Blue is a collection of classic jazz, standards, and pop tunes that showcase the singer's distinctively smoky vocal sound and nuanced performance.
The L.A. Network – Dave Brubeck Redux
Los Angeles (L.A.) is one of the great music centers of America, with a vast pool of outstanding jazz musicians and singers.
The music is performed, composed, and orchestrated by multi-instrumentalist Robert Len with collaboration of Carole Meneghel on the violin and electric violin.
Organic Generation Vinyl Is Out Now!
Long waited album Marcin Wadolowski - Organic Generation is out now!Limited edition, 180g vinyl.TracklistSide A:1. Blues Four Shoes2. Captain Jack3. The Prayer4. Desire For Feedom5. Memories from New YorkSid...
J.S. Bach - Music Of The Heavens
This is a unique NEW album on LP Record releases on 24th May 2024 and pre-orders are starting now!
Open Reel Tape Deck Perfection
Alter Ego Appearance where vintage open reel reel tape recorder restored to outshine its former glory
What to play on tape recorder in October 2024? How about One Second!
What to play on tape recorder i...
What to play on tape recorder in October 2024? How about One Second!
Yello - Flag [Master Analogue Reel Tape Copy 2025 Edition]
Yello - Flag [Master Analogue R...
For The FIRST TIME a Studio Master Tape Edition of their hit album Flag is the sixth studio album by Swiss electronic duo Yello, originally released in 1988