Alter Ego Appearance

Alter Ego Appearance where vintage open reel reel tape recorder restored to outshine its former glory - Only for the most meticulous of listeners who want the absolute best!

Each offered open reel deck complete rebuild inside & out - no other machines will ever be identical. Every part of the tape deck is rebuilt with top quality materials, brand new front and back panels (from scratch), switches, head blocks, caps, motors, EVERYTHING is new and improved functionality of the tape deck to another level to play master tape copy. 

Alter Ego Appearance brings tape deck restoration to the next level. Creating brand new front panels, jewellery grade metal lettering, powder coating, 3D printing, coding for custom modifications and much more. Each custom restoration is completed with your input. 

Take a closer look at Alter Ego Appearance as they did impressive art for tape recorders in response to the rapidly decreasing availability of Technicians who perform bespoke custom design levels of rebuild open reel decks.