Garmen Gomes Inc. - Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - Vol. 5

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The Effect is one of the best-selling CD albums from the STS Digital catalogue. An album with a bouquet of excellent standards...


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The Effect is one of the best-selling CD albums from the STS Digital catalogue. An album with a bouquet of excellent standards presented by Carmen Gomes a group of young jazz musicians whose passion and talent have been recognized many times during festivals and competitions.

Carmen Gomes Inc. is a Soul-Jazz band with a Bluesy touch. Their music revolves around four musicians who seek a perfect blend of individual expression and harmonious interplay. Music that is made by four people who understand that in the end, only one is the boss. And that’s the song.

In 2006, the group reinvented itself with the arrival of guitarist Folker Tettero. His bluesy sound provides just the bit of weight Gomes needs to be able to lean on his chords and riffs. That gives bassist Peter Bjørnild and drummer Bert Kamsteeg in turn more freedom, so they challenge Gomes musically to go to the limit. And you notice that. Her voice, trained at the conservatory, can groan, growl and play. She makes her songs personal and sincere, but at the same time challenging and compelling, full of passion and energy.

A performance by Carmen Gomes Inc. is an exploration of music. Because the members of the quartet know better than anyone that no two versions of a song can ever be the same and because it might be just that exploration. Whether they play jazz, blues, soulful or with funk influences, the foursome discovered a long time ago that these small variations ensure that music never gets boring and that every night it is a challenge to play.

Carmen Gomes Inc - Reference Songs, unique analogue character and sound.

Her style is bluesy and intimate with a sexy voice that's sweet as dark tupelo honey. - SoundStage!

As always, STS has recorded and engineered this CD to sound superb, using their particular techniques to get the very best sound out of the CD medium. Exceptional Audiophile Sound CD. Acoustic placing and recognition of the musicians in the recording space, feasible with the STS Digital recording MW Coding Process.

CD Features Album: Garmen Gomes Inc.

Album: Carmen Gomes  Inc. - Celebrating The Art & Spirit Of Music - Vol. 5
Series: Celebrating The Art & Spirit Of Music
Label: STS Digital - 6111139
Format: CD, Compilation, Stereo, Audiophile Edition
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2019
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul, Blues
Style: Easy Listening


01. Carmen Gomes - Fever (4:36)
02. Carmen Gomes - I'm On Fire (3:33)
03. Carmen Gomes - Heard It All Before (3:25)
04. Carmen Gomes - Mmm, Come On In My Kitchen (4:23)
05. Carmen Gomes - Parker's Mood (2:59)
06. Carmen Gomes - Unchain My Heart (5:00)
07. Carmen Gomes - Concept Of Time (5:36)
08. Carmen Gomes - A Case Of Blues (4:01)
09. Carmen Gomes - The Thrill Is Gone (4:09)
10. Carmen Gomes - Give All You Got (3:04)
11. Carmen Gomes - Worksong (2:59)
12. Carmen Gomes - Freewheel Blues (3:32)
13. Carmen Gomes - It's Allright Mama (3:13)
14. Carmen Gomes - Blueswalk (2:35)
15. Carmen Gomes - You Can Leave Your Hat On (3:22)
16. Carmen Gomes - I Just Want To Make Love To You (4:06)

Musician: Carmen Gomes

MW Coding Process: STS Digital - Fritz de With

Who said the CD was dead? This CD shows just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music. 24Bit / 192kHz MW Coding Process. In CD Recording, you will find:

1. The warm sound, that acoustic instruments possess on their own, but is often not captured by sound-technicians.
2. Acoustic placing and recognition of the musicians in the recording space.
3. Phase purity of a recording, both the electric phase (good cable/fibre connections etc), and the acoustic phase must be acquired through proper placing of the microphones.
4. Symmetry in the recording; this means always placing the microphones in such a way that on both the left and the right side there’s an equal division of signal, and not placing mono support microphones on the extreme left and right.
5. Transparency and clarity in a recording. This does not mean an overly sharp recording, but one of softness in tone and clarity, in which especially the 3-dimensional recording-space is being displayed.

The Series "Celebrating the Art and Spirit of Music" features a selection of well-known songs. Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music Series CDs:

Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - Vol. 1 STS Digital 6111124
Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - Vol. 2 STS Digital 6111131
Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - Vol. 3 STS Digital 6111174
Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - Vol. 4 STS Digital 6111104
Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - Vol. 5 STS Digital 6111139

Format: CD, Compilation, Stereo
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul, Blues, Stage & Screen
Style: Easy Listening
Mastering: MW Coding Process Audiophile Reference CD

CD Package: Enjoy CD Box Packaging you can trust. Each CD is still in its original shrink wrap from STS Digital the original manufacturer’s seal if applicable has not been removed.

Demo CD with MW Coding Process Sound – A good selection of beautifully re-engineered tracks, bringing out the natural musicality and dynamics, as only STS Digital seem to know how. The Unique Pre-mastering MW Coding Process. Using STS Digital’s MW coding process for superb sound quality from analogue re-mastered tapes, this is another fine audiophile-quality recording session in the Test Demo series. STS Digital supplies audiophiles with quality sound of music on CDs.

STS Digital are one of Europe’s leading audiophile recording and music production studios, still using the analogue tape medium wherever possible for the best musical sound and dynamics. STS Digital based in Holland, has been used by several leading component manufacturers such as Marantz, to produce CDs of exquisite musical quality. Over the years, they have developed their own unique ‘MW process’ to make their recordings sound as good as possible from studio masters.

These quality recordings and remastered CDs are world famous for their clarity and dynamics and to a standard other labels find difficult to achieve, Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music Series can often be found at High-End exhibitions and Hi-Fi Shops demonstrating their high-end audio products and now these audiophile discs are also available for the music enthusiast looking for that perfect sound stage.

All data given in the specification are subject to change without prior notice due to technical progress.

Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - No matter what you love, you'll find it here -

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Garmen Gomes Inc. - Celebrate The Art & Spirit of Music - Vol. 5

Звичайна ціна £19.95