Gregorio Paniagua – La Spagna XV-XVI-XVII Centuries

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"The original was recorded by Robert von Bahr live to a Revox A77 using but a spaced pair of Sennheiser MKH 105...


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"The original was recorded by Robert von Bahr live to a Revox A77 using but a spaced pair of Sennheiser MKH 105 condenser microphones. The simple chain produces a recording of astonishing transparency, three-dimensionality and coherency ... This reissue on Fabio Camorani's AudioNautes Recordings label is special in several ways.

- Music = Most highly recommended Music 10/10 Sound 11/10 Michael Fremer, Analogue Planet.

First of all, it utilizes the original session tapes provided by the producer/engineer Robert von Bahr, but most importantly it's one of the late Stan Ricker's final projects and I cannot think of a more fitting and fantastic tribute than this reissue to Stan Ricker's half-speed mastering brilliance and the quality of his cutting system electronics custom designed and hand-crafted by Keith O. Johnson. Ricker went through many lacquers and even broke a cutter head to inscribe onto the lacquers all of the percussive transient detail on the tape." 

Album: La Spagna - Gregorio Paniagua XV-XVI-XVII Centuries: Atrium Musica De Madrid
Label: AudioNautes Recordings - AN-1701-KD
Format: Crystal Disc CD, Limited Edition, Numbered, Stereo, Crystal Disc
Country: Italy
Released: 2020
Genre: Classical
Style: Renaissance, Classical


  • Spagna Contrapunto
  • Spagnoletta
  • Danza Alta, Sobre “La Spagna”
  • Basse Danse Du Roy De Spaingne A XLIIII Notes A VI Measures
  • Triste Espana
  • Triste Espana
  • Historia Baetica
  • La Spagna
  • Calata A La Spagnola I
  • Calata A La Spagnola II
  • Calata A La Spagnola III
  • Calata A La Spagnola IV
  • Spaniol Kochesberger
  • Spaniol Tancz
  • The Old Spagnoleta
  • Spagnioletta
  • Triste Espana
  • Re Di Spagna
  • La Bassa Castiglya - Falla Con Misuras
  • La Spagna
  • La Spagna
  • Olvida Tu Perdicion Espana
  • Spagnioler Tancz
  • Hopper Dancz “Spagna”
  • Spanieler
  • Espagnoletta
  • Spagnoletto
  • Villanicco Di Spagna
  • Pavaniglia Di Spagna
  • Spagnoletto Da Capo
  • La Spagna A 5
  • Recercada Primera Sobre Canto Llano La Spagna
  • Recercada Segunda
  • Recercada Tercera
  • Recercada Quarta
  • Recercada Quinta
  • Recercada Sesta
  • Gagliarda Quarta A 5 Alla Spagnola
  • Een Spaense Voys
  • Pavana Hispanica
  • The Spaynard
  • The Spanish Pavane
  • Triste Espana
  • Ricercar Spagnuola “Duna Cossa Spagnola”
  • Ain Spaniyelischer Hoff Dantz
  • Tres Sobre El Canto Ilano De La Alta
  • Triste Espana
  • Spagnoletta Nuova Al Nodo Di Madrigal
  • Furioso Alla Spagnuola
  • Padvana Hispanica

AudioNautes Recordings - AN-1701KD - Numbered 10 Pieces Ultra Limited Edition

Crystal Disc, a revolutionary Compact Disc using a glass substrate, new technology allows sound reproduction at a level previously unknown and is as close to the master sound source as cutting-edge technology allows. For this purpose, Crystal disc is fabricated by our Laser Disc technology cultivated over many years using the best-selected materials.

The use of glass substrate instead of conventional polycarbonate substrate. As the reflective layer, gold is adopted in exchange for conventional aluminium.

For pit transcription, the Photo Polymerization process(2P process) using a metal stamper is adopted. This process makes pit transcription highly precise compared with the conventional injection moulding process. The technology of the 2P process was cultivated by our production of test discs for calibrating industrial optical pickup heads.

The surface flatness of the glass substrate is much superior to the conventional CD. Glass substrate is hardly influenced by the variation of temperature and humidity. Furthermore, the absence of birefringence coming from the optical uniformity of the glass substrate realized a signal with extremely low noise and low jitter.

La Spagna - Gregorio Paniagua XV-XVI-XVII Centuries : Atrium Musica De Madrid - Crystal Disc - Made in Japan.

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Gregorio Paniagua – La Spagna XV-XVI-XVII Centuries

£995.95 £1,295.95