The Bachorgan In Chamber Music

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This CD The Bachorgan In Chamber Music With Baroque Oboe and Recorder was recently released on which the Bach organ enters into...


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This CD The Bachorgan In Chamber Music With Baroque Oboe and Recorder was recently released on which the Bach organ enters into a dialogue with chamber music instruments. The oboe d'amore and the oboe, as well as the recorder, are played by Onno Verschoor. Onno was regularly heard as a soloist in vespers. He is also the founder and artistic director of Accademia Amsterdam.

Well-known classical pieces all beautifully performed, exhibit great dynamic range and musical detail, and when re-mastered with the STS MW process, show these off to full effect.

The organ case of the Bach organ lacks angels playing the violin or viola da gamba, but the registrations on this CD mix 'Bow and breath'. The refinement of the applied registers demonstrates the instrument's capabilities when performing chamber music. This results in a rich experience of sound combinations. The smoothness of the tones of the oboes and the recorder are at times contrasting and at other times merging with the colour palette of the Bach organ.

The Silbermann organ in Freiberg has served as a sound sample for the Bach organ (Verschueren Orgelbouw 2007), in relation to Bach's workshops and his oeuvre.

Krebs wrote many compositions for church organ and a wind instrument and benefited from this enriching sound combination. We can imagine that Bach would have applied the same practice if he had no orchestra at his disposal, but wanted variation in timbre when performing a chorale or trio sonata. He arranged his trio sonatas for various instrument combinations, but many of the original manuscripts have been lost.
Telemann wrote many works for a keyboard instrument, competing with a melody instrument instead of accompaniment. We have chosen two trios from the collection Essercizii Musici, published around 1739. The high quality of the compositions in this collection can rival that of Bach's well-thought-out trios.

The Bach organ is played by Cor Ardesch. An excellent selection of well known classical pieces that have great dynamic range and detail. CD with MW Coding Process - You will enjoy the music on it.

Album: The Bach-organ In Chamber Music
Label: STS Digital ‎- 61111110
Format: CD, Album, Stereo
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2022
Genre: Classical, Organ, World
Style: Classical, Easy Listening


J.L. Krebs
Fantasia G (Largo) over
Freu dich sehr, o meine Seele
(oboe d'amore & organ)

G.Ph. Telemann
Trio in Bes
Dolce, Vivace, Siciliana, Vivace
(recorder & organ)

J.L. Krebs
Fantasia g
(oboe & organ)

J.S. Bach
Sonate d
Andante, Adagio e dolce, Vivace
(oboe & organ)

J.C. Kittel
Praeludium a

G. Ph. Telemann
Trio Es
Largo, Vivace, Mesto, Vivace
(oboe & organ)

J.L. Krebs
Fantasia G ( allegro ) over
Freu dich sehr, o meine Seele
(oboe d'amore & organ)

J.S. Bach
Sonate c
Andante, Largo e dolce, Presto, Allegro
(recorder & organ)

J.S. Bach
Sinfonia cantate BWV 76
(oboe d'amore & organ)

Total time: 73.25 min

The CD includes works by Krebs, Telemann, Kittel and Bach.

Performed By: Onno Verschoor and Cor Ardesch

Sound Engineer By: Fritz de With

Each CD is still in its original shrink wrap from the STS Digital the original manufacturer’s seal if applicable has not been removed.

Who said CD was dead!? Not us, nor STS Digital. The best-sounding CD ever? Hi-Fi News Album Choice, sound quality 95%, the best ever rating in Hi-Fi News magazine for a CD we believe.

In an STS Digital CD Recording, you will find:

1. The warm sound, that acoustic instruments possess on their own, but is often not captured by sound-technicians.
2. Acoustic placing and recognition of the musicians in the recording space.
3. Phase purity of a recording, both the electric phase (good cable/fibre connections etc), and the acoustic phase must be acquired through proper placement of the microphones.
4. Symmetry in the recording; this means always placing the microphones in such a way that on both the left and the right side there’s an equal division of signal, and not placing mono-sport microphones on the extreme left and right.
5. Transparency and clarity in a recording. This does not mean an overly sharp recording, but one of softness in tone and clarity, in which especially the 3-dimensional recording space is being displayed.

STS Digital based in Holland, they have been used by several leading component manufacturers such as Marantz, to produce CDs of exquisite musical quality. Over the years, they have developed their own unique 'MW process' to make their recordings sound as good as possible from studio masters for CD and LP. The CD, LP and “Tape from the Master” Reel to Reel Studio Recording portfolio is growing all the time.

High-End Audiophile Recording CD, MW Coding Process Recording By STS Digital.

Made in The Netherlands

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The Bachorgan In Chamber Music

Звичайна ціна £19.95