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The Sound Of Tape offering audiophiles the best audio products from around the world, the album's recording had to sound spectacular. The Sound Of Tape is the UK distributor for many recording labels and carries the finest music quality products enjoyed by audiophiles today.
The ultimate reel-to-reel tape is the latest retro-trend for audiophiles, it has the greatest dynamic range, is capable of producing extraordinary sound for the treble and bass and there is less signal processing which is the enemy of a hi-fi extraordinaire. Listening to music on reel-to-reel tape will allow you to discover details in the music you were never able to hear before.
Here you can find all the Labels that The Sound Of Tape offer physical music through our dedicated high-fidelity music store.
2XHD FUSION - Canada
The 2xHD proprietary mastering provides a unique listening experience as the process digs deep into original recordings to bring out all hidden information, without altering the music in any way, uncovering and bringing out nuances, warmth, depth of field and even the air around the musicians. Pure analogue transfer from the original master tape. Audiotapes from 2xHD guarantee that ultimate quality is preserved from the original master in contrast to LP vinyl, CDs or other formats.
AC Records is a recording company which values the fantastic analogue sound and the highest quality of the releases produced in the studio. AC Records produces music in the best studios using only analogue techniques, with valve and ribbon microphones and valve amplifiers. AC Records was founded and is owned by Adam Czerwiński. It’s thanks to him, that we may enjoy listening to excellent analogue productions of top Polish and foreign jazz masters.
AudioNautes Recordings is part of AudioNautes, a manufacturer of cost-no-object audio home products and distributor/reseller of the best quality discs available on the market. Among them, we like to remind the Three Blind Mice 45rpm series (4 titles) made by Cisco Records. Exceptional Audiophile Analog Sound.
FunCOOLio - Latvia
FunCOOLio is a Latvian instrumental funk/fusion band, formed in 2011, in Riga, Latvia. The band play original compositions in the Baltic Fusion style and it brings a pleasant listening experience. The creative association includes guitarist George Panfilov, drummer Jurij Osipovich, bassist Denis Gradalev, saxophonist Fred Hormain, and organ player Vladimir Tuzov.
Fung Hang Record is stepping into introducing the best recordings from its own masters and from other record labels to the music market in the format of the Ultimate High-Quality CD, in short UHQCD, and Crystal Disc, a CD made of hard glass. Andy Lam, the boss of FHR, is still active in doing the new recording and re-mastering in DSD and DXD formats and is also very active in attending different audio exhibitions to demonstrate good titles on UHQCD and Crystal Disc.
STS ANALOG - The Netherlands
STS Analog Label is one of Europe's leading audiophile recording and music production studios, still using the analogue reel-to-reel tape medium wherever possible for the best musical sound and dynamics. STS Analog has more than 50 years of expertise in professional analogue recordings, and only uses the very best audiotapes: RecordingTheMasters’ LPR35 for recording, mastering and making copies from high-quality master tapes.
STUDIO 1812 - Japan
Studio 1812 is a recording studio that makes analogue tape recordings in Japan. It adopts a recording method that allows analogue recording to coexist with digital, records using a recording method called hybrid mastering music recording which produces analogue sound sources from the multi-recorder stage.
Jersika Records is an independent jazz and improvised music record label founded by Mareks Ameriks in Riga, Latvia, in 2017. Most of the recordings on Jersika Records are made completely analogue - recorded live reel-to-reel to tape and cut directly to lacquer, but even those that went through the digital domain are carefully mastered to preserve the warmth of the sound.
STS DIGITAL - The Netherlands
STS Digital supplies audiophiles with quality sound of music on CDs. STS Digital based in Holland, has been used by several leading component manufacturers such as Marantz, to produce CDs of exquisite musical quality. Over the years, they have developed their own unique 'MW process' to make their recordings sound as good as possible from studio masters.
Jazzhaus Records - Germany
Jazzhaus Records is characterized by versatility. It cultivates cooperation with artists from a wide variety of musical genres. The range of pop, rock, blues, folk, hip-hop and jazz music includes internationally renowned bands and artists as well as newcomers.
Omad Records - USA
Omad Records is an analog-centric Indie Record Label and Recording Studio based in New York specializing in Rock and Pop Music. Artists include Peter Lewis (Moby Grape), Fovea, Rust Dust, Le Rug, The Medics, The Sighs, Robert LaRoche, Tommy Pluta, Arwen Lewis and John DeNicola. All were transferred from the original 96k 24-bit master direct in real-time at 15IPS on metal reel 1/4” ATR tape to Studer machines. Produced by John DeNicola. Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.
Bel Canto Musicale is one of the music label in Taiwan which specifically focus on both Western and Chinese traditional classic music. Bel Canto Musicale uses a handmade Vacuum Tube Mixer and uses analogue tape recording in post-production. Since the analogue tape is still the best music media ever made, besides Open reel tapes released after BCM-013 which are pure analogue recordings, we also remix our high-resolution digital recording of earlier albums to analogue tapes in all analogue mixing ways.
Hunnia Records - Hungary
The most important in today's recording is the feeling of joy that is brought about by the quality of recorded sound. Sometimes, the music that is being played becomes secondary. This could be some kind of ancient phenomenon, because there are so many types of music the value of which is not given by beauty or intellectual content, and they have only an acoustical effect.
Kolibri Records - Switzerland
The Kolibri Records label produces absolutely high-quality music on open-reel tape, LP's and CD's. Both the Swiss Jazz musicians Tommy Schneider and Brian Auger continue the tradition of the great Jimmy Smith on the Hammond Organ. Tommy released together with superb soloists three albums with groovy and warm sounds from blues, soul and swing, funk and Latino with rock elements from their guitar player.
Estonian independent boutique record label focused on extremely high-quality reissues of pop/rock/dance music. We release the best music in the world – on LPs, CDs, audio cassettes and reel tapes. Nothing sounds better than music on audio reel-to-reel tape.
My Reel Club recordings as an example of how relatively simple but high-quality technology can be used to go beyond the standards of commercial publications. My Reel Club provide a musical experience as well as technical interest and has brought top musicians to perform popular and lesser-known musical specialities.
Fully licensed releases from Warner Classics in collaboration with International Audiophile Recording. The label began issuing new recordings under the Warner Classics. New releases for the music lovers, the music collectors and the audiophile.
Premonition Records is known for its dedication to its artists and to long-term, multi-album commitments. The label's releases have been routinely well-received by the music press and on radio around the world. With recording and production quality a priority, Premonition has also earned a reputation in the audiophile world for the sound quality of its releases.
Triston Masters - Switzerland
Triston Masters are Switzerland label living with analogue music reproduction since 1923 in a professional studio in Switzerland, and only uses the very best audiotapes: RecordingTheMasters’ SM911 for master recording, first-generation duplication and making copies from high-quality master tapes.
Philippe Chretien is a Swiss native Jazz/lounge saxophonist and pianist. The virtuoso saxophone interpretations of these tunes are best described as downtempo soulful smooth jazz production. If you like relaxing late-night smooth saxophone jazz music, this is the album you need to listen to Philippe Chrétien is immediately recognised by his soulful sound and feeling.
Composer, guitarist, singer, poet and writer. He is the author of instrumental works written in the style of neo-classical and romance, rock, jazz and folk music, similar in style to the Renaissance. The style of early albums is close to academic. In those that are written later, the genres of romance, rock, jazz and folk are easily mixed. The music is based on romantic emotional melodies, as a reflection of an unspoiled pure soul.
The ensemble of Aleksey Revenko is famous for its ability to create spaces that harmoniously combine calm classics, rebellious rock and soulful folk motifs. The experiments of this musician sometimes end very unexpectedly. Also, Aleksey Revenko is noted for his rare gift to do well in another artistic dimension. This is a field of struggle against human amorphism in the social world, against public stupidity and injustice. This is a field of an adult riot in the style of strong classic rock. Harmony with the world, the harmony of the world itself - that which is in huge deficit today.
Find the music or tune you love in the format you love, from alternative and rock to soundtracks. Everything we do is driven by the desire to fulfil audiophiles' needs.
Anne Bisson - Canada

Anne Bisson is a many-sided artist. She first became known as a captivating and charismatic television personality, but in recent years she has been concentrating on music, her first love. A pianist since childhood, she won the prestigious Étoiles Du Maurier competition in 1984 thanks to two of her original compositions. Two years later, she sang the role of Cristal in a new version of the popular rock operaStarmania, which was created especially for the Festival d’été de Lanaudière (Quebec).

In 2009, after more than 20 years of a successful and eclectic career, Anne Bisson returned to her first love with a CD of her own musical creations, Blue Mind, in which she was accompanied by Normand Guilbeault (double bass) and Paul Brochu (drums). The critics were unanimous: Anne Bisson is a natural jazz artist!

In 2011 she did it again, releasing Portraits & Perfumes, a CD with jazz standards(How Insensitive, The Nearness of You) in full and sometimes sizzling arrangements, an original cover of Pink Floyd’s Us and Them, and original pieces by the artist, all produced by Guy St-Onge.

We rarely see an artist accompany herself and perform jazz with such ease on stage! Her colorful personality, infectious energy, and evident love for music, combined with her delightful anecdotes about life’s strange twists, make each of Anne Bisson’s shows memorably unique!
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