Analogue Tapes


The music on audio reel tape is the latest retro-trend for hi-fi geeks, it has a greater dynamic range, capable of producing extraordinary music sound for the treble and bass. Our recording labels publish music on audio reel tape, whether licensed master copies from authorised studios or independent artists of vintage master tape or new contemporary analogue tape recordings.

Offering audiophiles the best music albums on analogue tape from around the world, the album's recording had to sound spectacular. Be ready to be blown away when you experience playback of true high-fidelity recording on audiotape – your new album on reel-to-reel audiotape. Find the music or tune you love in the format you love, from alternative and rock to soundtracks. Everything we do is driven by the desire to fulfil audiophiles' needs.

All Master Quality Reel Tape Are Original Label Releases, No Bootlegs, No Fakes or Copies. 

High-Fidelity Analog Sound For Life On Reel Tape and Much More

Music On Master Quality Reel Tape - Browse thousands of audio reel tape recordings, selected by experts in our weekly online sale.