Audio Reel Blank Tape By Recording The Masters
What Type of Audio Reel Tape is for You?There are a few things to consider when buying audio reel to reel tape: Reel Size: Reel size is the most important factor in narrowing down what type of tape you may ...
The Album Review: The Hidden Port By Tommy Schneider & Friends
Nice Eight Super Rock - Blues Tracks by Tommy Schneider feat. Adrian Stern, Philippe Chrétien and Massimo Buonanno. One of the best tape albums in your collection.
The Album Review: Jazz For Dancing By Gloria Steward
Master tape copies allow you to hear the uncompressed music signal exactly as the studio produced it.
The Album Review: Plan B3 By Tommy Schneider and Friends
This album, which caused a sensation as a record issue, I would now like to present as a master tape copy. Twelve Super Rock - Blues Tracks On Two SM-911 RTM Tape
The Album Review: The Best Of By Tommy Schneider and Friends
Tommy Schneider and Brian Auger continue the tradition of the great Jimmy Smith on the Hammond Organ. Tommy released together with superb soloists three albums with groovy and warm sounds from blues, soul and swing, funk and latino with rock elements from their guitar player.
The World's Music .... аналоговий звук на все життя
У 2021 році вони виграли срібну медаль за повний аналоговий мастеринг Еріка Саті, Бранки Парліч – Initiés Album.
The World's Music .... аналоговий звук на все життя
Triston Masters — це швейцарський звукозаписний лейбл, що спеціалізується на аналоговій сфері та пристрасно відтворює музичні аудіокасети з оригінальної майстер-плівки.