Alter Ego Appearance

Alter Ego Appearance where vintage open reel tape recorder is restored to outshine its former glory - Only for the most meticulous of listeners who want the absolute best!

Take a closer look at Alter Ego Appearance as they did impressive art for tape recorders in response to the rapidly decreasing availability of Technicians who perform bespoke custom design levels of rebuild open reel decks. 

Every single part of the tape deck is rebuilt with top quality materials, brand new front and back panels (from scratch), switches, head blocks, caps, motors, EVERYTHING is new and improved functionality of the tape deck to another level to play master tape copy. 

The Pioneer RT-909 3-motor deck, with auto reverse playback and many more features, takes the open-reel format another important and impressive step ahead of anything available in the cassette format. This is a modified version of the Pioneer RT-909, a full service was carried out, in which the original parts were left as much as possible, which allows the recorder to keep the original sound. 

Exclusive Bespoke Rebuild Like No Others With Condition:

- Brand NEW (Vintage Rebuilt)
- Colour: BLACK (Black Stone Edition)
- Material aviation grade 7075-T6 aluminium
- New Spectrum analyzer which bins with peaks with 7 different delays, chosen by the user
- Automatic counter with 1/100 sec precision and remaining tape calculator
- C++ Programming 
- Custom LCD VU Meter with SEVEN different VU meter modes, four combination colours for each mode 
- Custom-built, brand-new front and back panels
- Brand new metal lettering, jewellery quality silver
- New tape heads for playback and recording
- The deck calibrated for 10,5 in reels
- Exclusive (Only One Made)

Bringing you the best Open Reel Tape Deck in condition and model functionality - everything you only wish your deck can make an impression every day, all other specifications and extra functionality