Pioneer RT-909 Open Reel Tape Deck

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Tape Recorder Pioneer RT-909 Black Stone Edition  - Totally rebuilt, restored and fully serviced. Bespoke Rebuild Restoration Like No Others: - Brand NEW...


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Tape Recorder Pioneer RT-909 Black Stone Edition  - Totally rebuilt, restored and fully serviced.

Bespoke Rebuild Restoration Like No Others:

- Brand NEW (Vintage Rebuilt)
- Colour: BLACK (Black Stone Edition)
- Material aviation grade 7075-T6 aluminium
- New Spectrum analyzer which bins with peaks with 7 different delays, chosen by the user
- Automatic counter with 1/100 sec precision and remaining tape calculator
- C++ Programming 
- Custom LCD VU Meter with SEVEN different VU meter modes, four combination colours for each mode 
- Custom-built, brand-new front and back panels
- Brand new metal lettering, jewellery quality silver
- New tape heads for playback and recording
- The deck calibrated for 10,5 in reels
- Exclusive (Only One Made)

Everything you only wish your deck can make an impression every day, all other specifications and extra functionality by Pioneer RT-909 Specifications:

Track system: auto reverse, 4-track, 2-channel, stereo system
Heads: 2 x playback, 1 x record, 1 x erase
Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan
Reel size: up to 10.5 inch reel
Tape speeds: 3 3⁄4  7 1⁄2 ips
Wow and flutter: 0.04% (7 1⁄2 ips)
Frequency response: 20Hz to 30kHz (7 1⁄2 ips)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 60dB
Total harmonic distortion: 1%
Crosstalk: 50dB
Input: 50mV (line), 0.3mV (mic)
Output: 0.45V (line)
Semiconductors: 4 x FET, 43 x IC, 121 x transistors, 126 x diodes
Dimensions: 480 x 340 x 318mm

The Pioneer RT-909 3-motor open reel deck, with auto reverse/repeat playback and many more features, takes the open-reel format another important and impressive step ahead of anything available in the cassette format. This is a modified version of the Pioneer RT-909, a full service was carried out, in which the original parts were left as much as possible, which allows the recorder to keep the original sound.  There is a one-year warranty, under the law.

On Front Panel:  Metal letterings from silver-containing alloy will remain shining forever. Thickness 0.45mm. Hammerproof textured deep black colour powder coat. Scratch proof also. Custom CNC machined faceplate to accommodate 5in high-resolution screen. 

New VU Meters and screen powered by Teensy 4.1 controller and 3X dazzler. The refresh rate is 60Hz. Teensy 4,1 overclocked to 800MHz, memory expanded to the maximum with external IC. Up to 16 Mb for variables and 128Mb for FLASH. Capable of holding all audio data for 64 bins spectrum analyzer for each channel and a lot more. 

The tape sound performance: Audio sound signal taken from the first stage of the existing VU meter circuit to ensure separation. Teensy audio shield with SGTL5000 connected to the main controller via I2C and I2S. There is one more I2S interface on Teensy 4.1 and possible to read the spectrum from the input and output of the same channel and compare it during recording. Teensy has enough memory for that.

Seven different modes of VU meters with 4 different colours for each mode, including 2 analogue needles and one similar to the original. Each analogue mode has a peak needle with a 30mS delay. 

Shipping protection is not offered. Our open reel tape decks will not ship commercially; only by freight with a tracking number. The postage policy is to use the standard materials; rigid board (2 layers), expandable/chemical foam packs, bubble wrap etc, and reinforce with actual wood and screw the box to the pallet.

No return on restored open reel tape decks. There is a one-year warranty, under the law.

Alter Ego Appearance offer a one-year warranty on our restoration work. Should something break down within the first year not related to shipping damage or accidental user error causing damage, Alter Ego Appearance, will repair at no charge. The customer pays to ship both ways or the travel cost of technicians visiting your location.

Made in Japan in 1984 and Rebuild in 2024 This Black Stone Edition of Pioneer RT 909

2024 Pioneer RT-909 Black Open Reel Tape Deck in Brand New Condition - Alter Ego Appearance - BROOKLYN, NY, USA.

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Pioneer RT-909 Open Reel Tape Deck

Звичайна ціна £13,449.95