Audiophile Speaker Set-Up [Audiophile CD]

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This Double CD Compilation was created to help the audiophile – as well as the neophyte – find the best placement for...


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This Double CD Compilation was created to help the audiophile – as well as the neophyte – find the best placement for the installation of their speakers to obtain optimum performance within their parameters. 

Audiophile Speaker Set-Up - Great Sampling Tracks Included: The music and test tracks on these 2xCDs will help you optimize the placement of your speakers and obtain their full potential for imaging and bass response. 

2xHD describes the new album noting "With over 115 minutes of music, sonic examples and instructions, this companion to the best-selling album 2xHD Audiophile Hi-Res System Test will help you set up your speakers for an ultimate listening experience. It includes 13 tracks of spoken instructions for speaker placement and tweaking which are also reproduced in the accompanying 61-page PDF booklet with colorful, helpful illustrations.

The "Audiophile Speaker Set-Up" double CD is a clever tool to help you set up your speakers in the best possible way. The program was developed and compiled by two greats of the audiophile scene: René Laflamme and André Perry. Perry is the founder of the famous "Le Studio" in Québec, which (alongside Abbey Road Studios) has been voted the best studio in the world and has recorded artists such as Cat Stevens, the Bee Gees and Sting. Laflamme, founder of the 2xHD Fidelio label, is one of the most sought-after and innovative sound engineers in the high-end industry and has received over 70 awards for his work.

Whether you are an experienced audiophile or a beginner: Over 115 minutes of music, sound samples and tutorials will help you create the ultimate sound experience in your listening room. The 66 tracks include 49 spoken instructions for speaker set-up and optimization, also illustrated in the 32-page booklet with helpful colour illustrations. The other 17 tracks are music and sound examples that can be used to assess the progress of the speaker installation.

Trust the expertise of two masters in their field and benefit from Laflamme and Perry's decades of in-depth experience to get the best out of your equipment.

Album: Various - Audiophile Speaker Set-Up
Label: 2xHD - 2XHDFT-C1095
Format:    2 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Stereo
Country: Canada
Released: 2023
Genre: Jazz, Non-Music, Classical



  1. Album Presentation
  2. Jazz Ensemble: Pink Panther theme
  3. Jazz vocal: 2017 studio recording
  4. Blues vocal
  5. Jazz trio
  6. Digital studio recording
  7. Jazz Session
  8. Bouzouki music: Greek Tycoon
  9. Bach Cello Suite (excerpt)
  10. Debussy String Quartet in G Minor
  11. Piano live concert Chopin
  12. Vocal quartet
  13. Baroque ensemble
  14. Jazz ensemble (trumpet solo)
  15. Lieder Recital live: soprano & piano
  16. Harp music, live
  17. Sonata for Cello solo
  18. Guitar
  19. Bassoon 1
  20. Bassoon 2
  21. Violin
  22. Duduk
  23. Bawu
  24. Trumpet
  25. Flugelhorn
  26. Symphony Orchestra - Violin
  27. Symphony Orchestra - Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights
  28. Symphony Orchestra - Chabrier
  29. Symphony Orchestra - Rite of Spring (Excerpt) - Stravinsky


  1. Extreme dynamics
  2. Percussion 1
  3. Percussion 2
  4. Percussion 3
  5. Percussion 4
  6. Percussion 5
  7. Percussion 6
  8. Percussion 7
  9. Percussion 8
  10. Percussion 9
  11. Step 1: Speaker placement: bass
  12. Djembe; extreme bass
  13. Octobass; 28 Hz, 56 Hz
  14. Octobass; 42 Hz, 84 Hz
  15. Octobass; 28 Hz to 224 Hz
  16. Octobass; 36 Hz, 56 Hz, 112 Hz, 224 Hz
  17. Step 2: The Toe-in
  18. Step 3: Levelling
  19. ANGLE
  20. Step 4: Subwoofer placement and phasing
  21. Crossover setting
  22. Subwoofer second option
  23. Step 5: Corner treatment and imaging
  24. Corners absorbers
  25. Room challenges
  26. Precise location and depth of field
  27. Center, 8 ft.
  28. Mid-left, 11 ft.
  29. Left, 18 ft.
  30. Mid-right, 11 ft.
  31. Right, 18 ft.
  32. Left, 30 ft.
  33. Mid-left, 28 ft.
  34. Center, 28 ft.
  35. Mid-right, 28 ft.
  36. Right, 30 ft.
  37. Octobass solo

Bill Evans, Greek Tycoon, Holly Cole, Paul Hindemith, Robert Len, Sonny Boy Williamson, Yael Brandeis

Composers: Anonymous, Bach, Chabrier, Chopin, Debussy, Evans, Hindemith, Mancini, Messiaen, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Sibelius, Stravinsky, Traditional


  • Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
  • Chabrier, Alexis Emmanuel (1841-94)
  • Chopin, Frédéric François (1810-49)
  • Debussy, Claude Achille (1862-1918)
  • Evans, Bill (1929–92)
  • Hindemith, Paul (1895–1963)
  • Mancini, Henry (1924–94)
  • Messiaen, Olivier Eugène Prosper Charles (1908-92)
  • Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich (1839–81)
  • Prokofiev, Sergei Sergeievitch (1891–1953)
  • Sibelius, Jean (1865-1957)
  • Stravinsky, Igor Feodorovich (1882–1971)

Original Recording Format: Analog Tape

CD Features:

  • Limited Edition
  • 2CD
  • Produced by René Laflamme & André Perry
  • Text Scripted & Spoken by Yaël Brandeis
  • 2xHD Mastering: René Laflamme
  • 2xHD Executive Producer: André Perry
  • Digipack
  • 32-Page Booklet

Audiophile Speaker Set-Up - Made in Canada.

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Audiophile Speaker Set-Up [Audiophile CD]

Звичайна ціна £39.95