Mir Gospodu - Slavanic Byzantic Choir

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: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo Tape

: STS Analog

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This superbly recorded and engineered album transferred on tape has been copied from the Master and will put you in front of...


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This superbly recorded and engineered album transferred on tape has been copied from the Master and will put you in front of a terrific selection of Vanguard classic tunes. The recording is clear and atmospheric, and the playing has power, grandeur, character, intellectual clarity and unforced intensity. Byzantine music is the music of the Byzantine Empire. Originally it consisted of songs and hymns composed to Greek texts used for courtly ceremonials, during festivals, or as para liturgical and liturgical music.

Album: Mir Gospodu - Slavonic Byzantine Chant - Performed by Cantus Ex Corde
Label: STS Analog ‎- T61111111
Format: Reel-To-Reel, 15ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10,5” Nab Reel, CCIR Or NAB Eq.
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2022
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Vanguard Classics

Mir Gospodu - Slavonic Byzantine Chant - Performed by Cantus Ex Corde


1 Blazen Muz 3:30
2 Nenie Ot Poescajasie 2:25
3 Da Molciet 3:33
4 Chvalite Imja Hospodnje 3:25
5 Molitwoe Proliejoe 5:18
6 Oesliesie Hospody 2:16
7 Prosetelnaja Ektenia 2:56
8 Dostoino Le Pravedno 2:33
9 Ieze Cheroewiemy 4:51
10 Blago Obraazniej Ie Josief 3:47
11 Tjebje Pojem 1:42
12 Blazen Muz 7:27
13 Mnoga Ja Ljeta 1:57
14 Panachyda 25:16

Total Playback: 43 Min

Conductor: Ton Thissen

Composers: Anoniem, Lubimow, Strokien, Pyotr Ivanovich Turchaninov, Aleksandr Archangelski, Dmitri Bortnjanski, Aleksandr Kastalski
Recorded by Fritz De With In the Year 1994
Radio Recording
Recorded on Philips EL3501

Rediscover Analog Sound On Tape, you will find:

1. The warm sound, that acoustic instruments possess on their own but is often not captured by sound technicians.
2. Acoustic placing and recognition of the musicians in the recording space.
3. Phase purity of a recording, both the electric phase (good cable/fibre connections etc), and the acoustic phase must be acquired through the proper placement of the microphones.
4. Symmetry in the recording; this means always placing the microphones in such a way that on both the left and the right side there’s an equal division of signal, and not placing mono support microphones on the extreme left and right.
5. Transparency and clarity in a recording. This does not mean an overly sharp recording, but one of softness in tone and clarity, in which especially the 3-dimensional recording space is being displayed.

Master Reel to Reel Tape Features:

• 1st Generation Reel to Reel Tape made from the Original Master Tape
• Pure Analogue Recording
• Carefully copied from a Philips EL3501 master recorder to 6 Philips N4522 recorders
• Analogue Tape Copies from the original analogue master tape
• Tape copy with CCIR equalization with reference level 320 nWb/m on half-track 1/4” to LPR35 Recording The Masters' tape
• Duration Each Tape: Approx. 30 minutes
• Reel Spool specially made silver or golden aluminium reel with a cutout STS logo
• High-class cardboard box features production cover picture labelled to the box
• The box is reminiscent of glorious pre-recorded tapes of the '70s and their 7" boxes
• Quality control certificate included - includes tracklist with the description of the tape copy process
• EQ: 320 nWb
• Half-track format
• Speed: 15ips

Compatible Tape Recorders to play master tape copy today:

3M, Akai, Ampex 350, 351, 354, 440, MR70, ATR 100, 102, Ballfinger M063H1, M063H3, M063H5, M063H1IX, Crown, Denon, Fostex, Lyrec, Magnecord, Marantz, MCI, Mitsubishi, Nagra T, Nagra IV-S/QGB, Otari, Philips PRO35, PRO36, Pioneer RT707, Scully280, Shure, Sony, Stellavox, Studer B67, C37, A80, 810, A820, ReVox A77, C260, G36, PR99, Tandberg, Teac X2000, Tascam, Technics RS1500, Telefunken M5, M10, M12, M15, Thorens TM1600, United home audio and more.

Album Available In Physical Formats:

Reel LPR35 Tape, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10.5" NAB Reel, CCIR Or NAB Equalization
Reel LPR35 Tape, 7 ½ ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 7" Cine Reel, NAB Equalization
CD, Stereo, Album

Quality 100% Guarantee: Tape are signed and individually numbered plus include a certificate of authenticity. LPR35 Audio Reel Tape Made in France. Empty Reel Spool Made in Germany. Analog Recording Produced in The Netherlands.

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Mir Gospodu - Slavanic Byzantic Choir

Звичайна ціна £295.95