Munich HighEnd 2022 - Sing and Song Writers Live

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: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo Tape

: STS Analog

Звичайна ціна £295.95

The Munich High-End Show 2022 Special Music Tape: Your first step in the music-on-tape world with nice jazz music. High-quality music on...


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The Munich High-End Show 2022 Special Music Tape: Your first step in the music-on-tape world with nice jazz music. High-quality music on tape for your listening pleasure.

At every step, they check the results and compare the process with the original recordings. If you listen to STS music productions remember that they did their utmost best to get for you all the benefits of our effort to go far beyond the best of the best. 

Album: Munich HighEnd 2022 - Sing and Song Writers Live
Label: STS Analog - T61111110
Format: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10.5" NAB Reel, CCIR OR NAB Eq.
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2022
Genre: Jazz
Style: Easy Listening, Cool Jazz


1. Just The Two of Us - Jack Vale
2. Mrs. Robinson - Jack Vale
3. Eddy’s World - Jack Vale
4. I’m Torn Between Two Lovers - Jack Vale
5. Hey Little Girl - Jack Vale
6. Two of Us - Jack Vale
7. I’m Not So Tough - Jack Vale
8. Hey Mate - Matthijs Weterman
9. France Traditional - Mathias Kadar
10. You Need To Know - Matthijs Weterman
11. Into The Rain In Amsterdam - Johnny Yarriba
12. Stitch Up - Ellen Owens
13. Scene of The Crime - The Luck
14. Hold On - The Luck
15. Mother Don’t Worry About Me - Victoria

Produced By Fritz de With

Special Munich High-End show promo tape, only on plastic reel spool in the box, on LPR35 tape. Master Quality Reel To Reel Tape. Exceptional Audiophile Sound as close to the Original Master Reference Quality as possible. This album on reel-to-reel tape is transferred directly from Master Reel To Reel Recording.

Master Reel to Reel Tape Features:

• 1st Generation Reel Tape made from the Original Master Tape
• Pure Analogue Recording
• Carefully copied from a Philips EL3501 to Philips N4522 recorder
• Analogue Tape Copies from the original master tape
• Tape copy with CCIR equalization with reference level 320 nWb/m on halftrack 1/4” to LPR35 tape
• Duration Each Tape: Approx. 30 minutes
• High-class cardboard box features production cover picture labelled to the box
• Quality control certificate included - includes tracklist with the description of the tape
• EQ: 320 nWb
• Half-track format
• Speed: 15ips

STS Analog master copies, the actual (original) master is played back on a Nagra Audio T studio master recorder and fed to a bank of six Phillips N4522 recorders. Recording The Masters LPR35 tape stock is used which, being a long-play variant of the studio-bred SM911, is perfect for this application.

STS Analog Recording Label from the Netherlands. STS Analog Label is one of Europe's leading audiophile recording and music production studios, still using the analogue reel-to-reel tape medium wherever possible for the best musical sound and dynamics.

STS Analog based in Holland, has been used by several leading component manufacturers such as Marantz, to produce CDs of exquisite musical quality. Over the years, they have developed their own unique 'MW process' to make their recordings sound as good as possible from studio masters for CD and LP. The CD, LP and “Tape from the Master” Reel to Reel Studio Recording portfolio is growing all the time.

Please note This Tape Tail Out. Please rewind the tape before playback on your deck.

High-Fidelity Analog Sound For Life On Tape! Anyone who loves music wants not just to hear it, but to experience it

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Munich HighEnd 2022 - Sing and Song Writers Live

Звичайна ціна £295.95