Who said the audio reel tape recordings were dead!?
Who said the reel tape recordings were dead!? Not us, nor STS Analog
Reel Tape Recorder Bespoke Restoration By Alter Ego Appearance
Discover The Latest News In 2024, OpenReelToReel Hub reel-to-reel affiliate relationship with Alter Ego Appearance | Technics Reel To Reel Tape Recorders
The ultimate reel-to-reel tape is the latest retro-trend for audiophiles, it has the greatest dynamic range, is capable of producing extraordinary sound for the treble and bass and there is less signal proce...
Feel The Warmth Sound On High-Fidelity Tape
Feel The Warmth: Nothing sounds better than music on audio reel to reel tape. The return of the most delicate, but most considered, kind of audio format for a true audiophiles.
Kind of Blue on UHQCD is coming before Christmas
Kind of Blue is the fifth studio album released on Columbia, and twenty-eighth overall, by American jazz musician, trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Miles Davis.
What’s New Available From AC Records Today
Be ready to be blown away when you experience playback of true high fidelity recording on audiotape - your new album on reel to reel audiotape.