AQCD Technology Company proudly presents the Analog Quality Compact Disc, in short AQCD. The objective of AQCD is to achieve “analogue” quality sonics through the use of a specially-formulated purple polycarbonate scientifically proven to improve transparency relative to the red laser beam. In addition, instead of the standard aluminium sputtering, a special silver alloy is used as the material for the reflective layer. Another important factor is that AQCD Technology Company is one of few companies in the world able to achieve near-perfect ECCENTRICITY. It is two and a half times better than the ‘yellow book spec’ set by Phillips. When played in optical disc transports AQCDs exhibit more stability, with better ECC; achieving a much improved, near-precise reading of the digital data. A more accurate reading of the data results in less jitter and most importantly, a better, “analogue” sounding disc. AQCDs are redbook standard CDs produced using the most advanced pressing technology and are fully compatible with all CD players.