Jersika Records

Recording music you’d want to listen to yourself

Jersika Records is an independent jazz and improvised music record label founded by Mareks Ameriks in Riga, Latvia, in 2017. Most of the recordings on Jersika Records are made completely analogue – recorded live reel-to-reel to tape and cut directly to lacquer, those recordings are carefully mastered to preserve the warmth of the sound. the music released by Jersika Records someone would discover that this is another way jazz can sound. The chemistry needs to be successful. 

The name of Jersika Records stems from the name of Jersikas Street, it is an ancient name, and Jersika as a settlement is historically important. The main criteria to make new recordings of jazz musicians that have already proven themselves are experienced and known in Latvia, but creating conditions for them to express themselves more unusually, to be able to show another creative side of them not heard that well previously. Jersika Records Analogue and this is how the album recording should be. Jersika Records label as a family: publishing something you’d want to listen to yourself! 

Latvia has so many amazing musicians and a label that can bring joy to all music lovers. Latvian musicians as authors and performers of original music are known in Latvia - the foreign music connoisseur cannot spot the quotes from the cultural heritage known today. The best analogue recordings from the original master tape, the album's tape recording sounds spectacular, the studio can make analogue recordings on professional Studer A80 tape recorders, with the concept of recording live sound that is formed by the room, microphones and musicians - talented musicians that devote to the music piece and master tape quality direct copy are 100% Guaranteed.

You should keep up with new music and try to get a first impression, by exploring releases from the Jersika Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Jersika Records releases on Audio Reel Tape and LP Record.