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The Sound Of Tape is your trusted worldwide source for audiophile-quality music on all music physical formats like Analogue Tapes, Audio Gears, Tape Recorders, LP Records, Compact Discs, XRCD, SACD, Blu-Ray Audio-CD, Audio DVD, UHQCD and others.

Our team strive for customer quality services and satisfaction, we distribute music on various physical from the following labels: 2xHD Fusion, 2xHD Fusion, AudioNautes Recordings, Acoustic Sounds, Analogue Audio Association, AC Records, Bel Canto Musicale, Fung Hang Records, Hunnia Records, International Audiophile Recordings, Jersika Records, Kolibri Records, Mascara Quartet, Omad Records, Open Reel Club, Premonition Records, STS Analog, STS Digital, Studio 1812, Triston Masters, Tape Music, The Lost Recordings and Warner Music and many other independent musicians.